Castaldo Srl distribution offers its clients and partners the distribution of products from Multinational Companies, supplying active ingredients and formulas from world class Companies.

Castaldo Srl has amongst its primary aims to leverage the local and national agricultural products and providing all the technical assistance and all the means necessary to their clients for a careful and targeted distribution. Castaldo Srl operates with professionalism, speed and reliability in the field of crop protection and fertiliser distribution in order to maintain the land's fertility and ensure the development of better cultivation.

Thanks to the on-going checks of the products, Castaldo Srl offers high quality standards and guarantees an excellent economic return.

Castaldo products have been designed to address the ever more targeted need for safety in the food cultivation and environmental field, offering a wide range of ad hoc solutions and specialised formulas, together with excellent and timely advice.

We have 3 Centres for Logistics and Goods Distribution of European importance in the north, centre and south of Italy.

Castaldo Srl sets itself apart from the competition for:
  • Quick consignment and "just in time" delivery of goods in Italy and abroad.
  • Partnerships with companies that are leaders in the import and movement of products with global experience.
  • Highly professional customer service with decades of experience and constant contact with the International Logistics team who are able to offer technical and marketing support to the end client.

Castaldo Srl only trusts its distribution in Italy to qualified Sales Points able to integrate with Castaldo's strategic choices and bring Added Value to agriculture and to the business.
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