About us

We have been growing for more than 140 years

Castaldo Ltd is the leader in the distribution of chemical and biological products for the nutrition and protection of agricultural crops. Since 1872, Castaldo has operated in the agro-industrial market and always in partnership with trusted partners around the world. After years of experience in the fertilizers sector, Castaldo Ltd decided to invest in the crop protection sector proposing itself as a distributor for Multinational Companies. The focus of the company is that of developing the business in the medium and long term in a sustainable manner through a global platform. All the products imported or distributed by Castaldo are guaranteed by the Certificate of Conformity.

Castaldo Ltd has a long and solid experience, in the 1980s it became the leading distributor of crop protection products on behalf of Multinational Companies. In the 1990s, the relationship with the top quality agriculture market was strengthened with the signing of numerous partnerships with prestigious Multinational Companies in the fruit, vegetable and ornamental plant sector. In particular, Castaldo Ltd formed an alliance with the producers of molecules and created a structure with the specific aim of developing a consolidated business, with specifically adapted products that make Castaldo Ltd the ideal partner for modern and sustainable agriculture in the niche market of ornamental plants, fruit cultivating and specialised horticulture. In the same period, Castaldo continued to invest in the field of crop protection products producing a significant offering with a portfolio of innovative products for horticulture and floriculture specialists.

Today Castaldo Ltd is a reference point in Italy for Multinational Companies and for its clients, thanks to the quality of the products on offer, the high level of competence among the staff and the concept of "Just in Time" which is the real strong point of the company.

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